A Cultural Strategy for Peterborough

A Cultural Strategy for Peterborough

Information regarding your invitation to tender.

Peterborough Cultural Partnership are looking to appoint an experienced consultant to develop a 5-year vision and strategic cultural plan along with an accompanying resource development and fundraising strategy.

Current Strategy

Peterborough's current cultural strategy runs from 2015 - 2020 and therefore needs to be reconsidered for looking forward with a purpose. Although this strategy outlined key themes of importance, to which culture could contribute, the absence of a detailed action plan has meant that cultural organisations have been working towards these themes without a strategic approach, longer term vision or meaningful ambition. The existing strategy is a helpful reference point but does not capture or set cultural ambition in a meaningful way, the new strategy needs to address this.

The need for a new strategy has therefore arisen and this is supported by the Peterborough Cultural Partnership consisting of Peterborough City Council, Vivacity Culture & Leisure Trust and Arts Council England.

This strategy and action plan will be delivered and progressed by Peterborough City Council, Vivacity Culture & Leisure Trust and Peterborough Cultural Leaders Group. This group consists of a wide range of cultural partners and providers based in or delivering work in Peterborough.

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