Unfortunately the Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre remains closed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will share the date for reopening as soon as we can.

Where possible, fitness classes have been moved to a different venue - click here for the temporary class timetable. Swim Academy lessons at the Regional have been cancelled until further notice - please check your email for details. 

Customer Care Policy

We are always listening to our customers and commit to resolving any issues members have swiftly. We set clear standards of service and review these regularly to ensure they are relevant and effective, based on our commitment to our customers.

We expect all staff to set very high standards of behaviour based on our aim and to provide service in a courteous, timely and helpful manner. Staff are trained and constantly evaluated to enable them to deliver the highest possible customer service, enabling them to provide clear concise information about our varied products and services.

We do realise that we don’t get things right all the time, however, we try to learn from our mistakes and improve our venues based on our customers feedback wherever possible.

We have a procedure for all customer concerns. This ensures that any concerns are raised with the correct team or department.

Stage 1

For all complaints relating to a Vivacity service we ask that if you are at one of our sites you should ask to speak directly to the Duty Manager or if you are away from our sites you can submit your feedback via our online form

Complaints received either verbally or by written correspondence to our sites are logged and the responsible staff member will be identified. Our complaints procedure requires that a complaint is responded to within 15 working days. These responses will detail the results of the investigations and any actions to be undertaken to remedy the complaint. When an investigation is likely to take more than 2 working days an acknowledgement will be sent to you explaining the timescales for responding. Responses can be done by telephone, via email or in the form of a letter depending on your preference. 

Stage 2

If you do not feel that your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction you can contact Peterborough Limited's complaints team on 01733 425300, email them on complaints@peterboroughlimited.co.uk, or you can submit your feedback via our online form

The complaints team will then ensure that a further investigation is carried out by a senior member of staff within 15 working days and where it is likely to take more than 2 working days to complete, an acknowledgement will be sent to you outlining the timescales for resolution. 

Stage 3 

If you continue to believe that your complaint has not been handled correctly by the senior manager, the third and final stage of Vivacity/ Peterborough Limited's complaints procedure requires that the General Manager reviews and investigates the work undertaken to respond to your complaint and a response will then be sent to you, again within 15 working days, with an acknowledgement being sent to you if the investigation is likely to take more than 2 working days. To seek the involvement of the General Manager you should again contact Peterborough Limited Complaints Team on 01733 425300 or email them on complaints@peterboroughlimited.co.uk

Please note that when raising your complaint at Stage 3 you must do so in writing clearly outlining your reasons.