Customer Care Policy

We know that sometimes we get things wrong. Most of the time we can resolve these issues as soon as we are told about them but occasionally you might want to make a formal complaint about something that happened or how we handled the issue. So how do you complain?

To raise a complaint:

Stage 1

For all complaints relating to a Vivacity service, please contact Peterborough Limited on 01733 425300 or email

Peterborough Limited’s complaints procedure requires that a complaint is investigated and a response sent to you within 15 working days. When an investigation is likely to take more than 2 working days an acknowledgement will be sent to you explaining the timescales for responding. Responses can be done by telephone, via email or in the form of a letter depending on your preference.

I'm not happy with the response to my complaint:

Stage 2

If you do not feel that your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction you can contact Peterborough Limited’s complaints team on 01733 425300 or email them on The complaints team will then ensure that a further investigation is carried out by a senior member of staff within 15 working days and where it is likely to take more than 2 working days to complete, an acknowledgement will again be sent to you outlining the timescales for resolution.

Still not happy with the response to my complaint:

If you continue to believe that your complaint has not been handled correctly then please refer your complaint to