Inspiring learners, enriching education

It's at the heart of what we do.

Vivacity for Schools is a showcase of excellence in sports and cultural education. It’s in the heart of your city, and you and your school are at its core.

Vivacity is charity that enriches lives by inspiring people through Culture, Sport and Healthy Living.

We are committed to working with teachers to support, stimulate, and enrich learning.  Our ambition is to support schools to inspire learners, to transform learning, to create future generations of healthy, confident and culturally literate citizens.

Vivacity offers a myriad of sports and cultural education products across a diverse range of specialist sectors - Sport & Healthy Lifestyles, Theatre, Museums & Heritage, Libraries and Archives.

This page provides an introduction of how we, across our portfolio, have worked with you to develop a focused education offer which:

  • Pivots around key foundations and principles of sports and cultural education
  • Helps you to achieve your individual, local and national objectives
  • Innovatively enriches the curriculum
  • Works towards current targeted learning agendas
  • Pushes the boundaries of learning
  • Shapes healthy and imaginative minds
  • Cultivates lifelong learning
  • Embeds positive change for the city in which we live

 We hope you enjoy exploring our playground, which we know from your feedback, really makes a difference…