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Experience life in a 14th century tower, part of a manor house, and get up really close to medieval wall paintings that give us a flavour of medieval life.

  • In the Great Chamber, take a close look at the original wall paintings with fun activities that encourage and develop observational and interpretation skills. Listen to the stories behind these paintings and consider what these pictures tell us about Medieval life, ideas and beliefs. Discover how this room was once used by Lord and Lady Thorpe.
  • In the Upper Chamber, time for dressing up! Find out what clothes Lord and Lady Thorpe and their servants might have worn. Handle replica food ware and explore the space, peeping out of the narrow slit windows and wondering what the view might have been 700 years ago. Discover and imagine what the room would have been used for.

Then meet altogether in the Great Chamber for a storytelling session – a lovely way to end the visit by bringing the past and the paintings to life.

Please note that due to size of venue, we can only accommodate one class of up to 30 pupils at a time. There are no lunchtime facilities. 

For a half day visit:

For up to 30 pupils £135
For up to 20 pupils £120


To book email or call 01733 864 700/706


We can also bring a range of toys out to your school. Please note that the craft activity is not available for outreach.