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Suitable for: EYFS/Reception

Aimed at Early Years or Reception pupils and their parents, we work with a group of families chosen by schools.

A series of sessions, each based around a different picture book, provide encouragement to parents in engaging with their child’s literacy, builds their confidence in sharing books with their child, and explores extended learning through linked activities. Each week, parents take home the book used in that session to continue sharing with their child. All families are joined to the library as part of the programme and there is the option to have one session take place in the local library, to introduce and familiarise families with the library service. The programme is tailored to each individual group, with different modals available so that the number of sessions and number of books used is suited to the needs of your school and of the families taking part. The picture books can either be loaned to parents each week or, at an additional cost, purchased so that each child ends the programme with a collection of books to keep. Costs vary depending on the modal chosen and whether books are loaned or purchased.

For more information email or by calling 01733 864773