Learning at Flag Fen

Learning at Flag Fen

Excite the imagination as you and your students are transported back in time...

The Learning Programme at Flag Fen promotes exploration, enquiry and wonder in all things Prehistory.

See the different sessions to choose from below. We can adapt the sessions to suit your learners and learning objectives. 

We are open all year round for school visits on one of our led activities.

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Meet the Flag Fen Fledgling friends in our Early Years session.

Be transported back in time in our Exploring Prehistoric Life session.

Be an archaeologist in our Dig It! session.

Will you Survive or Thrive?

What does it take to Survive or Thrive?

Early Years - KS2

Fledglings for Early Years

Set in our Forest School area, we offer a choice of three woodland themes with exploration, discovery and outdoor learning at its heart. Enjoy storytelling, nature play and craft.

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Exploring Prehistoric Life

Explore changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Handle real and replica prehistoric objects, enjoy a clay activity and a tour of the site. The day ends with storytelling in our Bronze Age roundhouse. Have a particular prehistoric focus? No worries, talk to us and we'll put a great day together.

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Dig It!

Explore the role of Archaeology in finding out about the past as you unearth real and replica Roman and prehistory objects in our mock excavation pits as part of your day. Discover what these findings tell us about lives in the past.

Anglo Saxon topic? Talk to us about our option of children unearthing burial goods and a skeleton! The day can also include a further hands-on dying workshop with natural material. 

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Survive or Thrive?

An exciting synergy of history and outdoor learning in our Forest School area of the site. The immersive and hands-on activities develop practical skills and confidence as well as knowledge and understanding of how our prehistoric ancestors lived. Will you just survive or will you thrive in a day in the life of our forebears?

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Guided Tours

Short of time? Enjoy one of our guided tours that can be adapted to suit KS1 - KS4. Depending on your time available, the tour can be extended with an element of handling prehistoric objects in the roundhouse and/or a storytelling session. 

Step inside a Bronze Age roundhouse.


Investigate why the archaeology at Flag Fen has survived so far and what factors could affect the underlying archaeology in the future.

Archaeological Science: Excavation

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Archaeological Science: Water Biology

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