Learning at Peterborough Museum

Learning at Peterborough Museum

"The educational programmes utilise the rich heritage to great effect, securing outstanding teaching and learning throughout the many highly relevant and varied programmes offered." Sandford Award Judge 2018

See our award-winning programme below. Can't see what you're looking for? We are happy to adapt sessions to suit specific needs.

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'Engaging activities, friendly staff and excellent learning' John Clare Primary

EY & KS1

Under the Jurassic sea

Be a Palaeontologist as you handle and explore real fossils.

Edith Cavell & other past lives

Visit Peterborough Infirmary as trainee nurses in 1911. Today we have a special visitor...

Toys from the past

See how toys have changed over time. Explore everyday materials through enquiry and play.

A Very Victorian Christmas

Travel back to 1840, compare rich and poor lives and help the Cooke household with Christmas preparations!

Homes in the past

Compare then and now through role-play, storytelling and our original Victorian kitchen. Get ready for the tiger who is coming for tea!


Evidence of evolution

Study a range of fossils and replica hominin skulls on a journey of enquiry. Meet Mary Anning as part of your day too!

A Really Roman Day

Step back 2,000 years and experience the impact and 'Romanisation' and what happened locally first hand.

Tudor Peterborough

Travel back to 1574 and discover life in Tudor Peterborough.

Would you flourish or flounder?

Monks, monarchs & medicine

Meet the Tudor barber surgeon and step down into history on this dual-site visit with Peterborough Cathedral.

Crime and punishment

You've committed a Georgian crime... Local magistrate Thomas Alderson Cooke will decide your punishment!

Victorian medicine & marvel

Visit Peterborough Infirmary as a patient with a Victorian aliment in 1901. Meet the doctor ... Feeling better?

WWII: 10 May 1941

Study the Home Front during WWII and its impact on the locality as we take you back to the 'hardest night' of the Blitz.

If walls could talk...

Meet past inhabitants of the museum cellar's spaces and discover 500 years of local history from their point of view.

Story of Peterborough

Be time detectives as you analyse objects and uncover clues from Peterborough's past. Great for developing chronological understanding!

Play and pastimes

Explore our wonderful collection to discover how families spent their leisure time in the past.

A Very Victorian Christmas

Travel back to 1840. The Cooke household are preparing for Christmas...


Medicine through time

Support the learning of this British and social history theme in our original Victorian operating theatre.

Contact vivacityforschools@vivacity.org for more information.

A 'novel' look at Peterborough

Explore the 19th Century locally and in literature. Ideal for 'A' level students

If walls could talk...

Discover 500 years of local history down in the museum's cellar!

Ghostly tales

Take a guided ghostly tour behind the scenes of this 'most haunted building in Peterborough. Inspire writing, film making... if you dare!

Or book a ghost tour for you and your colleagues!



Why not try...


We've linked our collection and galleries with some well known stories.

History in an hour

Only have time for a short visit? Why not take a bite out of our local history...

Themed guided city tours

Guided tours are suitable and adaptable for all key stages, historical periods and topics.

Tours last approximately 45 minutes and can be matched to a museum-led activity as well.


The following resources support and complement our museum-led activities.

Rock Box

We have a set of 4 rock boxes with ideas on how they can be used in the classroom.

£40 per week.

Jurassic on-line resource

Discover more about Jurassic Peterborough at our Leedsichthys website.

Really Roman resource pack

All about our local Roman town Durobrivae. A loan box set is also available, inclusive only to a visit for schools within Peterborough.

If walls could talk... resource pack

Discover more about the stories of the museum's cellar...

Peterborough & The Great War

A fantastic resource to complement studies of The Great War.

Peterborough and the Great War Teachers' Resource Pack

A KS2-4 resource that links a WWI primary source, its related digital website (see above) and the history curriculum.


Study the usefulness of this primary source through themes and related activities.

Food during WWI

Why did public attitude towards food change?

Women during WWI

How did women contribute to the war effort?

Prisoners of war

What does this source tell you about one POW's experience?


In which ways did people meet each other?


What was the role of the railway?

Friendship and family

What was Stanley's 5 minutes of fame?

Animals during WWI

Why were animals used in The Great War?

Further links and information

Get up close to the visitors' books with a visit to Peterborough Archives Service and/or additional activities at Peterborough Museum.