Museum outreach

Museum outreach

Some of our popular museum-led activities can also be delivered in your classroom.

So, can't come to us? Then we can come to you!

All museum outreach includes elements of handling real and replica objects, participation and of course lots of fun and engaging learning.

Also, our Story of Peterborough activity can be adapted to suit an assembly and also CPD for teachers! Contact us to find out more on 01733 864 700 / 706

"Our year 6, staff and children, thoroughly enjoyed your workshop." Discovery Primary

Reception & KS1

Handle range of fossils

Under the Jurassic sea

Discover what creatures lived here in the Age of the Dinosaur!

Toys from the past

Look at and explore old toys through play. Compare with modern toys.

Tudor Peterborough

Meet a Tudor barber surgeon and some Tudors portraits. Dress up and be cured! 


Fossils & evolution

What do fossils tell us about living things that lived in here in the distant past?

Human evolution

Compare a range of replica skulls from ancient to present day.

Meet... Boudica

It's 60 AD... Will you join Boudica in the fight against the Romans?

Roman life and times

Through the keyhole of one Roman family. What will you deduct from their objects?

Meet... a Roman surgeon

It's Roman Britain and the local Governor's surgeon is out on call at your school!

Meet... a Tudor barber surgeon

It's 1574 and you're a Tudor, not feeling very well... time to meet the surgeon!

Meet... Magistrate Cooke

Crime and Punishment in Peterborough 1829. What crime have you done?

Meet... a Victorian doctor

It's 1901... you have a Victorian aliment. Don't worry, the doctor is on their way!

Meet... a WWII ARP warden

It's 1941... what can you do to keep yourself and your community safe on the Home Front?

Story of Peterborough

Analyse and identify contents of mystery boxes, full of objects from Peterborough's past.

KS3 & 4

Human evolution

Employ in-depth analyses of a range of replica skulls from ancient to present day.

Meet... medicine through time

Explore the advances of the practice of medicine with doctors from the past.