On 18 June 2020, Vivacity announced that it is handing its contract back to Peterborough City Council as a direct result of COVID-19. We are now working together to reopen services.  You can find the latest information here.

Gym membership freeze form

We appreciate that some of our customers will not be ready to return to the gym just yet, in this case we are happy to continue to freeze your membership until the end of December. All freeze requests will be free and run until 31st December 2020, unless otherwise stated. After the 31st December frozen memberships will be restarted again. 

If you want to restart before the 31st December, please let us know a week before you want to restart by emailing membership@vivacity.org.

You can find this on the back of your purple Vivacity Card

Thank you for letting us know you are looking to freeze your membership. Press the submit button and you will see a 'thank you' note on this page to confirm we have received it.