Restoration Roundhouse

Restoration Roundhouse

Up until last year there were two roundhouses at Flag Fen.

Three years ago a heavy snowfall resulted in roof damage on the Bronze Age roundhouse.

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History of the Roundhouse Restoration

In the summer of 2014 assessment of the roof structures of both the Iron Age and Bronze Age roundhouse showed that a both roundhouses needed a new roof.

Over the years, the roundhouses had been maintained and cared for by staff and volunteers. The smoke from fires in the hearth killed off any bugs in the thatch.

However, despite every effort to ensure the roundhouses where kept in shape the ravages of time had taken their toll.

Flag Fen faced a major challenge with both of its iconic buildings out of action. Something had to be done, and Living History experts Black Knight Historical were enlisted to assist with re-roofing.

Work on the Bronze Age roundhouse began in August 2014.

Funding the Restoration of the Roundhouse

The progress made over the next nine months was a testament to the hard work and determination of all the volunteers, staff and experts involved. A big thank you to all the suppliers who provided materials and especially to Hanson who donated the clay from nearby Kings Dyke Quarry, to create the daub for the walls.

In May 2015 the final piece of turf was added to the Bronze Age roundhouse roof.

Sadly further analysis of the Iron Age Roundhouse structure in 2015 suggested the whole building needed to be rebuilt and the the building has now been demolished for safety reasons.

A fundraising programme continues to raise the money to rebuild the Iron Age roundhouse.

Why Support Us?

Generations of children have entered Flag Fen’s Iron Age Reconstructed Roundhouse and have been transported into the past.

This iconic roundhouse was closed due to weather damage last season.

An Initial survey suggested we needed £25,000 to re-roof, reopen and restore Flag Fen’s Iron Age reconstructed roundhouse by Summer 2016.

Sadly further analysis of the entire roundhouse structure suggested the whole building needed to be rebuilt at a much higher cost.

Although the building has now been demolished for safety reasons, we are to committed to continuing to raise money to ensure future generations will have the opportunity to experience a unique building and be inspired by the past!

“I wish I could sleep there and I wish my wish will come true”

“I thought we really went back in time. The journey was long but it was worth it!”

Join the Campaign! How you can help...

You can help us secure more donations for this great cause by displaying our posters and leaflets. Alternatively there are lots of other ways you can help, such as donating materials. Please get in touch.

Help support the ‘Restoration Roundhouse’ campaign and you’ll be in good company.

Our first supporter is Francis Pryor who discovered Flag Fen over 30 years ago and helped build the first roundhouses at Flag Fen.

‘The pre-Roman people who built the great stone sites like Stonehenge had to live somewhere.

In the past thirty years archaeologists working in Peterborough have revealed the foundations of dozens of prehistoric houses.

The Iron Age round-house at Flag Fen is a unique chance to enter a space that would have been familiar to ordinary families some two thousand years ago’. – Francis Pryor

The campaign has also been endorsed by Katherine Hoare, Schools and Young Audiences Education Manager at The British Museum.

‘The chance to experience a unique space such as a prehistoric roundhouse is a chance to connect with these people from the past and begin to see, hear and touch a lost part of their world’. – Katherine Hoare, British Museum

Glebelands Primary School in Chatteris have helped front the fundraising campaign. The staff and students feature in our lovely film click here…

Do you have material we could use?

To restore the roundhouse we need wood for the rafters uprights and beams preferably a hard wood such as Ash or Oak, willow for the wattle on the walls and reed for the thatch.

If you can help us by donating materials we'd love to hear from you.