Everything to see and do at Flag Fen

Everything to see and do at Flag Fen

At Flag Fen we guarantee there’s always something unique to see.

Get up close to the archaeology or run around the wide open spaces amongst the wild life and Soay Sheep.

No visit to Flag Fen would be complete without stepping into a roundhouse

Imagine what life was like around 3,000 years ago. The roundhouse is based on the layout of a dwelling excavated nearby. Take a look at the authentic materials and techniques used to build the house. The roof is made of Norfolk reed, a layer of turf grass side down and a second layer grass side uppermost. The roots of the two layer of turf intertwine to create a living roof.

Follow in the footsteps of Flag Fen’s ancient ancestors

Explore the reconstructed Bronze Age landscape. It’s here you’ll be able to spot dragonflies darting in and out of the reeds, see kestrels and buzzards soaring, carp swimming and if you’re lucky perhaps one of our resident water voles too! Our nosy Soay sheep might come and say hello.

See the Must Farm log boats undergoing conservation to reserve them for the future

Listen to the excavation team talk about the boats the amazing swords, and even the ancient of food remains found during the excavation. Clamber into our reconstructed log boat and have your picture taken against a watery Fenland backdrop.

Make the most of the 12 acre sites space and if the weathers fine why not stop for a picnic.

Sit and relax while the kids are amused in the outdoor play area beside the visitor centre or indoor dig tent (open during school holidays only).

Our Big Dig Tent is perfect for under 12s. A mock archaeology dig that enables children to discover how what’s in the ground can tell us more about how people lived in the past.

We try to facilitate as much as we can. Find out more here.