Archaeology Collection

Archaeology Collection

Peterborough has a rich and significant archaeological history.

Our collection includes nationally important artefacts from key sites telling the story of human settlement from Palaeolithic (over 200,000 years old) to the present day.

Highlights of the collection include stunning items of Nene Valley Ware, from local Roman pottery industries, which were traded throughout England, and a wonderful, rare Iron Age sword.

The collection also has replicas of the locally found Water Newton treasure, the oldest Christian church silver known anywhere in the Roman Empire.
Not forgetting the fine grave goods from Anglo-Saxon burials, and even Britain’s oldest known murder victim from Neolithic times!

The archaeological collection and archive is still growing as new building developments uncover further remains around the Peterborough area.


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Prehistory Collection

Our prehistory collection represent finds from the first people of Peterborough, from over 200,000 years ago.

Must Farm Collection