What to see at Longthorpe Tower

What to see at Longthorpe Tower

Unlock the secrets to Longthorpe Tower's remarkable history! Explore this beautiful medieval tower, part of a manor house that was built around 1300, and discover the hidden gems within.


Longthorpe Tower is one of Peterborough’s historic gems

14th Century Wall Paintings

The main chamber is covered with an incredible set of wall paintings from the 14th century.

Leading experts have listed Longthorpe Tower as one of the 100 most important historic sites in the UK.

Kings, saints, animals, musicians and monsters jostle for space in the finest set of domestic medieval wall paintings anywhere in Western Europe.

These wall paintings give a glimpse into the medieval view of the world. Look out for the monster that fires flaming poo from its bottom!

The Medieval Mind

Wheel of the five senses

The rare wall paintings give a unique insight into the forms of decoration which adorned the houses of prestigious individuals in the 14th century.

The broad range of images adorning the walls were originally painted in bright colours such as those you can see a medieval manuscripts. The paintings range from religious images to popular stories, to local wildlife, to images of kingship. The Longthorpe Tower scheme includes:

  • A wheel of the 5 senses
  • Muscians and heraldry
  • The 3 living and the 3 dead
  • A bonnacon - a monster that fires flaming poo from its bottom!

Visit Our Exhibition

A rare survival of a medieval 'solar tower', Longthorpe Tower was built about 1290 - 1300AD - an addition to an earlier manor house. Learn about the history of the Tower and the remarkable family that built it, who rose from being humble peasants who worked the land to become knights who rubbed shoulders with kings.

Explore the story of medieval Peterborough and its Abbey, and discover the extraordinary wall paintings which can give a rare insight into the medieval mind.


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