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Museum Jigsaws

Online puzzles linked to Peterborough's history

We know you can't visit us at the moment but, while we're apart, we have created some jigsaws from our favourite items in the collection. Here are some tips for you to make each one work.

Happy puzzling!

Felicity the Fox

Peterborough Museum has a large collection of taxidermy, including this fox. It dates to the Museum’s origins as Peterborough Natural History, Scientific and Archaeology Society. Victorians were very interested in collecting objects from the natural world, and taxidermy was one of the ways they did this.

A Concert Party

This was painted in around 1650, by Dutch artist Abraham van der Schoor. There is a lot of symbolism in this painting. The lute symbolises lovers wooing each other, and braided hair is a sign of earthly love.

Tea Caddy

This tea caddy was made by the prisoners of war at Norman Cross. It is made from straw marquetry. This decorative technique uses strips of straw like a wooden veneer to create patterns like the beautiful floral ones seen here.   

Soay Sheep

Here are some of the Soay sheep from Flag Fen. They are the nearest breed today to the sheep prehistoric people would have kept. 


These were found at Flag Fen. It is a pair of bronze shears and their wooden box. The waterlogged soil at Flag Fen mean that the wood could be preserved.   

Flag Fen Roundhouse

This is a replica of a Bronze Age roundhouse excavated at Fengate. Roundhouses were where Bronze Age people lived. The roundhouse is circular, with walls made of wattle and daub, which is clay, straw and dung layered on top of woven branches.  The roof is thatched, and covered with a layer of turf.  

Cathedral Square

This view of Cathedral Square was painted in the eighteenth century by an artist called Nathan Fielding. He was based in Yorkshire and London but painted other pictures locally, including other views of Peterborough and Stamford.   

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