Peterborough's most haunted building..?

Peterborough's most haunted building..?

Peterborough Museum doesn’t just tell the fascinating story of the city’s history, it is also the city’s most haunted building.

In fact, there are no less than eight different ghosts said to haunt the building’s many rooms and corridors.

Banging doors, ghostly footsteps...

From Tudor and Georgian family home, through a Victorian Infirmary, to the city's museum, over the years our building has seen a lot of life... and death.

Given this long and varied history, maybe it's not surprising that so much paranormal activity is reported.  Banging doors, ghostly footsteps, unaccountable smells, mysterious lights and orbs have all been reported around the building… The museum's most famous ghost is a grey figure, said to be the ‘Lonely ANZAC’; Thomas Hunter, a First World War soldier, who died here in 1916 when the building was Peterborough Infirmary. His ghost was most recently seen on the stairs in January 2019.

The unexplained side to Peterborough Museum has always been of interest to our visitors, and you too can delve into the unknown at the museum after dark...

Paranormal Investigations

We regularly welcome both commercial and private research groups to the museum for late night paranormal investigations.

As part of the hire, we allow access to all public areas of the building, including our original Victorian operating theatre and museum galleries, with their reports of haunted artefacts and ghostly voices. In addition, groups are also allowed into areas that are usually closed to the public. This includes the old servants' corridor and back staircase, and our historic cellars, the Priestgate Vaults, the area which has the most sinister reputation.

For more information and to book your own paranormal investigation, contact us on 01733 864 663 or email


Peterborough Museum on a moonlit night
Tour guide holding lantern

Museum Candlelit Tour

Led by a costumed guide, this tour shows visitors around the building by candlelight, explaining the various paranormal happenings at the sites where they have taken place.

Runs 2nd and last Tuesday of the month, Sept - May, 7:30pm.

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Costumed tour guide leading a ghost walk

Peterborough Ghost Walk

Your costumed guide will entertain and educate in a fun and theatrical way, explaining more about the city’s past, while sending a few chills up the spine. 

Runs 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm.

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The Priestgate Vaults - cellars under Peterborough Museum

The Priestgate Vaults

The historic cellars under Peterborough Museum, reveal 500 years of history from this building and the city. They're also the part of the museum with the most sinister reputation. Join a tour to meet characters from the past and hear their stories, as well as the more spooky side.

Tours run Tuesday & Wednesday, 2:30pm.

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From Thursday - Sunday, the Priestgate Vaults transforms into 3 escape room experiences which draw on the building's past. Will you Escape the Vaults?