Could you escape the Priestgate Vaults?

Could you escape the Priestgate Vaults?

A new challenge awaits beneath Peterborough Museum.

Deep beneath Peterborough Museum are a number of cellars which date back to the year 1536. Older than the current Museum building itself and reflecting nearly 500 years of Peterborian history, the museum cellars were opened in 2015 as The Priestgate Vaults - an attraction which allowed visitors to meet people who lived on the site of the Museum and hear stories of its history.

Now, a new experience has come to Peterborough Museum: The Priestgate Vaults Escape Rooms.

While many other escape rooms you may encounter are loosely based on movies, myths and folklore, each of the escape rooms in The Priestgate Vaults is linked to a real part of the building’s history. 

Each room reflects a different era: in 1536, the cellars were at ground level in a Tudor Manor House - you can still see window frames underground which would have looked out onto the street. Come 1815, parts of the Vaults were used as a wine cellar and coal cellar when the building was rebuilt as Priestgate Mansion. Most chillingly of all however is the Priestgate Vaults’ largest room, which boasts the dubious honour of having once been used as a morgue - storage for dead bodies - during the building's tenure as Peterborough Infirmary.

  • Could you outwit the Royalist Humphrey Orme by finding treasonous clues hidden in his own parlour?
  • Could you solve the mystery of the Georgian wine cellar?
  • Could you escape the morgue and avoid being buried alive?

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