Family History

Family History

Thinking about researching your family history? We have a subscription to, the popular family history website, if you access the website from the archives or any Peterborough library you gain FREE access to thousands of databases including census, military, birth, marriage and death records. Peterborough's parish registers can be found on The archives service also holds a variety of physical resources to support family history, in our local studies collection and in our archival collections. Why not come and explore your history...

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Delving deeper

Once you’ve worked out the basic details of your family history, you’ll want to start finding out more information about your ancestors. Family history research is not just about ‘stamp collecting’ the names of your ancestors, it’s a chance to learn more about the world that they lived in. The archives hold a variety of records that can help you build your family's story, such as school, coroners', criminal and business records. Ask yourself the following questions and if the answer is yes, contact the archives to see if we hold records for the institutions and dates you are looking for.

  • Could your ancestors have gone to school in Peterborough?
  • Did your ancestors work in Peterborough? 
  • Did your parents or grandparents move to Peterborough in the 1960s? The records of the Peterborough Development Corporation will tell you lots about the houses that they moved to.

Family history courses

Are you interested in family history but not sure where to start?

Or have you started looking into your family tree but are struggling with all the different sources available?



We hold family history courses a few times a year ranging from basic for beginners through to specific topics for the more advanced researcher. Check our 'What's On' section of the website to see when the next available courses are. Alternatively, contact the archives.


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