Online booking policy

Using Vivacity booking services

By using the booking system you are agreeing to the following booking terms and conditions

  1. Full payment must be made upon booking
  2. Due to high demand for our facilities, customers should only book classes, courts
    and facilities that they intend to use
  3. Customers should protect password and login details as they will be accountable
    for any bookings made in their name, whether made by the actual customer or
  4. Any online bookings made on behalf of a child are the responsibility of the adult
    making the booking, the adult is accountable for payment, and the child must be
    in attendance and participate in the activity
  5. For sports bookings Off peak gym members will be charged for any online
    bookings that are not included within their membership or if they are out of off-
    peak hours
  6. For sports bookings Peak gym members will be charged for any online bookings
    that have a charge associated with them
  7. For sports bookings Non-gym member customers will be charged for any online
    bookings that have a charge associated with them
  8. Customers who provide 48 hours’ notice, can amend, or transfer their
  9. Customers who provide less than 48 hours’ notice will be subject to the discretion
    of the manager on duty
  10. We do not offer amendments, transfers or refunds on non-attended bookings
  11. Vivacity cannot be held responsible for any online bookings made incorrectly or in
    error by the customer
  12. Customers are accountable for all online bookings made in their name (even
    when made incorrectly) and the charge associated with them
  13. All online bookings will be confirmed by email detailing any transactional
  14. All online bookings are monitored and customers who repeatedly book facilities
    and fail to attend will have their access to the booking system revoked
  15. You will need to provide evidence of your booking
  16. Vivacity reserves the right to make any changes to the timetable or the online
    booking system at any time
  17. Vivacity reserves the right to decline any booking or request to use the facilities
    without reason
  18. Vivacity reserves the right to refuse entry and remove people from the premises
    without reason
  19. Lido bookings are non-refundable, including if we have to close during a session 
    due to circumstances beyond our control.
  20. For more information about how Vivacity uses and processes your data please
    visit our Privacy policy page