Gil's experience of Aquatic Physiotherapy

I have been going to the hydrotherapy pool for nearly a year now and it has been so helpful. When I first attended, I looked at the exercise books (available for you to use) to help me know what to do in the water.  

Since September 2018 Lee, my physiotherapist at St Georges on a Friday morning to help people use the pool more effectively. You are given exercises that are tailored for you. This has been so helpful for me. Only four people attend each hour and you are usually in the water for half an hour. The physiotherapists really help you as an individual and guide you, showing you what to do to help you make an improvement to your movements. I have attended this session regularly since it started. You only pay £20 a session and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

My husband decided to start coming in November. He is need of a hip replacement and has recently become much more inconvenienced by his hip. I asked if it would be helpful for him to come pre-operation and was advised that it would be. He said that he felt an impact as soon as he had been on the first Friday that. It has been helpful to him, and like me he is very happy to recommend it.  

Give it a try. You won’t regret it!