Induction Process

Induction Process

As a new Vivacity gym member you'll receive a fitness assessment and a personalised health and fitness programme.
This is especially helpful if you are new to exercise, or haven’t exercised in a while and comes in three easy steps.
Vivacity Voyage - Your 3 Step Journey to Fitness

Step 1: Your Induction

As a new member you will be asked to complete a physical activity questionnaire.

Your instructor will review your medical, exercise and health history and ask you about your goals and aspirations. You will be shown how to correctly and safely use the gym equipment, and some strengthening exercises to target your core muscles.

This will improve your strength, balance and posture whilst also helping to shape and tone your abdominal region.

You will be given your first exercise programme and be asked to book your second appointment (within 2-3 days). Your induction is approximately 1 hour long.

Step 2: Resistance Workout

You will be shown how to incorporate resistance training (weights) into your exercise programme.

This will help you improve your muscle strength, joint function, bone density and metabolism.

Use this opportunity to ask your instructor any questions about your workout.

You will be asked to book your third appointment for a programme review (within the next 4-8 weeks). 

This step is approximately 30 minutes long.

Step 3: Programme Review

After 4-8 weeks of following your exercise programme you should notice that your fitness has increased.

You will be starting to feel the benefits that exercise brings and your fitness routine will be becoming a regular part of your life. 

Your third appointment gives you the chance to ask about incorporating other elements, such as the X-Cube functional training zone, the plate loading equipment or the v-plate machines in to your exercise programme.

You may have a new fitness goal in mind, and you will be asked to book another programme review so that you can continue to monitor your progress. You’ll also continue to benefit from the support and advice of your instructor.

This step is approximately 30 minutes long.

Using the Gym

For many new members, we appreciate that this may be the first time that you have used or exercised in a gym.

Our qualified and friendly staff will develop an exercise programme as part of your induction. The programme is designed to be enjoyable, effective and to help you reach your fitness goals and aspirations.

You’ll be introduced to a fitness instructor who can give you on-going support and guidance. They will help you settle into the centre and take you through Vivacity Voyage, your 3-step journey to fitness.

Experienced gym users can undertake our fast-track induction –where we cover health and safety and get you into the gym as quickly as possible. Use this opportunity to ask about some of the equipment you may not have used before, such as our X-Cube functional training zone, the plate loading equipment or our v-plate machines.