Sean's Personal Training story

 Sean, a member of Vivacity Premier Fitness, shares his fitness journey so far and the success he has achieved with the help of Josh his Personal Trainer.

"Sean lost 15cm off his chest and waist in 12 weeks"

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve your health and wellbeing or anything in between, working out with a personal trainer is a great way to help you achieve your personal goals and build confidence in the gym.

Before joining Vivacity Sean had a poor diet and wasn’t very active at all. “I wasn’t able to run to the car in the rain without getting completely out of breath,” he says. Sean knew it was time to change his lifestyle and his initial goal was to kick start a weight loss journey and become much healthier.

Being new to the gym and seeking additional support and motivation Sean joined up to personal training with Josh Eyre in August. Josh told us that they “went above and beyond in the training plan” and in just a short period of time Sean was achieving fantastic results. In his first 12 weeks he lost over half a stone and dropped an incredible 15cm off his chest and waist. Sean shares his delight of working with Josh, “he’s pushing me to be a better version on myself”.

Josh told us “I’ve noticed Sean’s confidence flourish. Now he stands tall being more self-assured when in the gym and is getting stuck into lots more including a number of fitness classes”. As well as continuing his 1-2-1 personal training Sean has made going to the gym part of his daily routine; “he’s one of the first people in the gym nearly every morning”.

Sean continues, “With 2019 just around the corner they plan to keep up the same positive mental attitude to keep working hard in and out gym. It’s a pleasure to train Sean and I look forward to see him continuously improve”.

Vivacity have highly qualified personal trainers across selected gyms who are always extremely friendly, happy to help and go that extra mile to supporting you along the way.


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