Tracey's testimonial about being a new member to Vivacity


Choosing and joining a gym can be confusing and daunting if you're new to fitness or don't know what to expect. Tracey, a Premier Fitness member, joined Vivacity a few months ago and tells us about her first impressions and what she likes most about our Vivacity gym.

"I am 52 years of age and thought maybe I was too old “left it too late” to gain any benefit... I was wrong.

The Vivacity gyms are full of people of all ages and capabilities. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful and I didn't feel out of place at all amongst people who have been avid gym members for a long time. 

First impressions was that they are a professional, well-established gym with a great team of knowledgeable staff. My induction was imperative for someone like me who is not used to using gym equipment. I was given a tour of the premises and was shown the exercise equipment on offer and how to use it and, a member of their team spent time talking to me to find out about me and my goals. 

I have personally enjoyed the classes the most. Vivacity provide lots of classes to choose from to suit lots of people's needs. I have been to Studio cycling, Boot camp, Pilates, and Les Mills BodyCombat classes so far and, I have enjoyed them all. The instructors always ask if there are any new people and are very attentive to beginners ensuring you are doing everything correctly being mindful of your own capabilities.

I have also used some of the equipment in the gym to help strengthen my upper body. There is plenty of equipment to choose from and there is always a member of staff to help if you need assistance. I am a keen runner and the gym has helped supplement my fitness and make me stronger.

For me, exercise is a way of life. I am aware it is good for a healthy mind and general wellbeing. Specifically the gym has helped me to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility all of which I was lacking.

The swimming pool, sauna and steam room offers a great addition to the centre and is somewhere I like to go to when I have finished my workout to relax. With my membership I can also use other Vivacity gyms, I have also been to; Hampton Leisure Centre and Regional Pool and have found these to be equally friendly".

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