We'd love to hear from you!

We'd love to hear from you!

To find out more about our facilities, get in touch


Call 01733 864 000
Email: membership@vivacity.org

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To find out more about our facilities, get in touch: 

Vivacity Premier Fitness
Email premierfitness@vivacity.org
Call 01733 864 744

Hampton Leisure Centre
Email hamptonsports@vivacity.org
Call 01733 864 657

Werrington Leisure Centre
Email werringtonsports@vivacity.org
Call 01733 864 769

Bushfield Leisure Centre
Email bushfieldsports@vivacity.org
Call 01733 864 656

Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre
Email regionalpool@vivacity.org

Call 01733 864 760

Jack Hunt Swimming Pool & Gym
Email jackhuntpool@vivacity.org
Call 01733 864 759

Peterborough Lido
Email lido@vivacity.org
Call 01733 864 761

If you’re interested in a gym membership please contact us to find out more.
Email: membership@vivacity.org
Call 01733 864 000

Feel free to also contact our Health and Wellbeing team
Email: healthservices@vivacityorg
Call: 01733 864 764

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