Personal Training

Personal Training

Whatever your goal: weight loss, fitness development, muscle gain, sports development, or just to add variety to your workout, personal training is for you.

Our highly qualified Personal Trainers at each of our gyms are here to help you, step by step. Each session is tailored to help you achieve your personal goals and to adopt a long term lifestyle change.

Personal Training sessions can be booked individually or as a block of 5 - please call for more details

Personal Training at Vivacity Premier Fitness

Personal Training Sessions are available: Monday to Friday 6.30am-10.00pm Saturday and Sunday 8.00am-7.30pm

To book please contact the one of our instructors below or email

Self employed personal trainers offer a separate package - please contact instructors directly for more information.

Steve Patterson

Self Employed Personal Trainer

I have been personal training for 12 years and this came from a 15 year career as a professional dancer. Working with the human body has always fascinated me. I have worked with clients on various goals and have presented several celeb fitness dvds and was fitness consultant to the dance group 'Diversity'

Come and chat to me about:

  • Sports specific training
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Weight loss
  • Rehab from injury
  • Core strength


“Steve is a real professional, his knowledge and skill set has made this project priceless. He's the man!” - Ashley Banjo - Diversity.

Exercise and nutrition are based on 'habit.' Let me help you with yours...

Get in touch today! 


Neville Smith

Personal Trainer

I have participated in sports for over 25 years. I have been trained by some of the best teachers/coaches in my chosen field, grappling and martial arts. I've also trained others too, helping them achieve their goals. During this time I have also worked in the sports industry, whether it be teaching sports in schools or coaching sports outside of school to people of all ages. My dedication to the industry has been outstanding. 

From My knowledge and experience of working in sports and being trained myself, I have gained a wealth of tried and tested programmes in both nutrition and fitness. This places me in a unique postion to pass on my expertise. Whether this is fat loss, body toning or general fitness. I can provide a tailor made programme to suit your needs that is functional, achievable and more important, enjoyable! 

For more information contact me:

01733 864744

Mo Ramji

Self Employed Personal Trainer

I specialise in:

  • Strength and Weight loss
  • Boxing including padwork
  • Sport Specific training
  • HIIT training
  • Martial Arts

Coming from a sport and fitness background for over 20 years I now make it my goal to ensure you reach your own personal targets whatever that maybe. For a free consultation and no nonsense approach come and have a chat to see how I can help you.

07870 532439

Josh Eyre

Self Employed Personal Trainer

After playing and coaching sports (athletics, football, and tennis) most of my life I know how to train to supplement a sport. I’ve also spent time working as a Chef, meaning I have an excellent background in nutrition. Specialising in strength and conditioning, stripping unwanted fat, sports nutrition, and posture.


Danny Barker

Self Employed Personal Trainer

Coming from a professional football background with Peterborough United and Nottingham Forest and after playing professional football in Brazil for 3 years, I know what it's like for people to tel you "you can't achieve something" . Well I'm proof you can succeed in anything you put your mind too and with a combination of knowledge, motivation and determination I will help you get there.
Whether it be, stripping body fat and weight loss, to toning up and muscle building or even just improving your nutrition and lifestyle then I can help you.
Using the latest technology with my Smart phone App, you can access all of your information in one place whether it be body assessment results, nutrition plans, exercise programmes and goal setting, so get in touch for your complimentary consultation.

"Your goal is my motivation!"

07772 133704

Mike Chapman

Self Employed Personal Trainer

I specialise in ‘lifestyle fitness’ that means you will be fitter, leaner, stronger & faster. I use bespoke training methods so it's fun & varied with a real end-goal focus.

07506 993594

Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre

At the Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre we have a team of professional, highly qualified and friendly Employed and Self Employed Personal Trainers who can help you. Personal Training sessions can be booked individually or as a block of 5.

To book please call 01733 864 760 or email

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Personal Training at Werrington, Hampton and Bushfield Leisure Centre

At Werrington and Bushfield Leisure Centre we have a team of professional, highly qualified and friendly Employed and Self Employed Personal Trainers who can help you.

They will work with you one to one to help you achieve your goals, write you a personalised training programme and provide expert lifestyle advice. Personal Training sessions can be booked individually or as a block of 5.

To book please contact Werrington - 01733 864 769 / , Hampton - 01733 864657 or Bushfield - 01733 864 656 /

Martin Smith

Personal Trainer - Werrington Leisure Centre

I specialise in weight loss strategies, exercise for lower back pain, pre & post natal exercise and nutrition, sports performance, progressive strength & conditioning and Kettlebell training. 

07813 132197

Chris Skidmore

Personal Trainer - Bushfield Leisure Centre

I have over 20 years experience, working with high-performing athletes and supporting stroke recovery and NHS-funded obesity projects. If you'd like to change your gym routine and meet new targets then get in touch. 

07789 227248