Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Enjoy a year-round glow with an organic spray tan. Get healthy looking skin without exposure to the sun's harmful rays or the use of sunbeds.

Get ready for the summer or that special occasion with our spray tanning treatments that rejuvenate the skin and increase elasticity.

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Spray Tanning Treatments

Our organic spray tan gives you a longer-lasting and more natural-looking glow minus the chemicals and the traditional smell associated with spray tanning.

This system is fantastic, offering moisturising benefits that ensures your tan stays looking fresh and newly applied for longer – ideal for both men and women.

Full Body Spray Tan (30 mins) £22.00 per session.

Spray tans - Our top tips for a top treatment

Preparing for your spray tan

  • Prepping your skin before a tan will make your tan look better and last longer.
  • Exfoliate and shave any unwanted body hair 48 hours before.
  • Moisturising the week before will help to create an even base so you get no unwanted dry patches.

On the day of your spray tan

  • Avoid makeup, deodorant and moisturiser - this could make your tan green.
  • Bring loose, dark clothing and flip flops for after your tan, this will make sure the tan doesn’t go streaky against clothes.

After care for your tan

  • Depending on what time you have your tan, you need to wait for it to develop 6-8 hours before washing. Some people prefer to sleep in it to get the full development time.
  • Moisturising daily with an oil free moisturiser will help your tan fade naturally.
  • Lightly exfoliating also makes the tan fade without it being patchy.

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