Waxing Treatments & Packages

Waxing Treatments & Packages

Radiance Beauty offer a comprehensive range of waxing treatments and packages.  

All of our waxing treatments are given in the comfort of a private treatment room with our friendly and fully trained therapists. 

Call 01733 864 742 to book your appointment today.

If you are a Vivacity gym member you can enjoy 10% off all standard treatments

Waxing Treatments

  • Full leg (60 mins) £23.50
  • Half leg (30 mins) £18.00
  • Full arm (30 mins) £ 17.50
  • Half arm (15 mins) £13.00
  • Bikini* (15 mins) £12.00
  • Lip and chin (15 mins) £12.00
  • Lip* or chin* (15 mins) £7.20
  • Eyebrow* (15 mins) £10.00
  • Underarm* (15 mins) £10.00

Waxing packages

  • Full leg and bikini (60 mins) £28.00
  • Half leg and bikini (45 mins) £23.50
  • Any two* (30 mins) £15.00

Call 01733 864 742 or email radiance@vivacity-peterborough.com to book an appointment or to speak to our friendly qualified therapists.

You can download our price list here.

Waxing - Our top tips for a top treatment 

  • If you’re going on holiday and are planning on getting waxed before you go, make sure your appointment is at least 48 hours beforehand to let the skin calm before any sun exposure.
  • In-between waxing appointments, we advise to exfoliate once a week to avoid any ingrowing hairs and moisturise regularly.
  • When having regular eyebrow maintenance appointments, avoid tweezing/shaving/cutting in-between appointments. Regular waxing slows hair growth down, making it thin out and more sparse. If you shave in-between a it breaks the cycle of hair growth meaning it can go back to being thick and courser.