Skills For Life

Skills For Life

Learn a range of aquatic skills at the Vivacity Swim Academy. Ensure that your children learn critical life skills about how to be safe in and around water. Build healthy habits for the future with an activity that can be enjoyed alone or with others - learn to swim!

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Skills for life

In the below table you will find all of the various skills that would be developed upon enrolment at the Swim Academy:

Entry safe entry into water, use of steps, side, jumps and eventually dives
Exits safe exits from water, use of steps and side
Buoyancy and Balance developing an understanding of buoyancy and balance and what affects it, and how to become buoyant in the water
Streamlining understanding of streamlining, how to be streamlined and why it is important
Rotation and Orientation developing skills such as: how to turn around, how to lie back, how to lie forward, how to regain an upright position, and how to twist from the back to the front and vice versa
Aquatic Breathing developing confidence in the water and a feeling of being at ease with the water around the face, learning how to breathe correctly, which consequently is developing a ‘safe’ swimmer
Travel and Co-ordination developing movement forwards, backwards, sideways, how to travel effectively, exploring different ways of travelling in water
Water Safety development of a basic understanding of how to keep safe around water
Health and Fitness developing an understanding of why activity is good for you.

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