Terms & conditions - Birthday parties Terms and Conditions

Birthday parties Terms and Conditions

Here is the legal stuff you need to know about when making your birthday party booking.

1.0 Who is who and what is what

‘Vivacity’ means either Peterborough Limited for a Leisure site; or City Culture Peterborough for a Culture site i.e. library, museum, theatre.

‘The Centre’ is the specific facility or any part of it used by you, and includes all fittings, fixtures and moveable property belonging to the centre.

‘The Centre Manager’ is the person in charge of the Centre. ‘Hirer’ means the person signing the booking form.

Where an organisation is named in the booking form, that organisation shall also be considered the hirer and will be jointly liable with the person who signed the booking form.

‘You’ means the Hirer.

2.0 Making the booking- what can you expect?

All party applications must be made on an official booking form and returned to the chosen centre. (Where the Hirer is an organisation, the person who signs the form must be over 18 and must be authorised to act on behalf of the Hirer to make such a booking.)

2.1 Booking Confirmation

Your booking will be confirmed by email from your chosen centre, when a signed official booking form has been received and agreed by the chosen centre.

2.2 Charges/Payments

  1. The fee for use of the Centre and use of equipment shall be determined by Vivacity.
  2. A non-refundable deposit will be payable when you make your booking as follows:
  • a deposit for bookings under £50.00 will need to be paid in full;
  • bookings over £50.00 will require a deposit of 50% of the total booking fee.

iii. The outstanding balance must be paid to the Centre 1 month prior to the booked date.

  1. You may incur an additional fee if your event over-runs and there is a delay in you leaving the Centre.

2.3 Cancellations

  1. Once a booking has been confirmed, all monies received by the Centre are non-refundable should you decide to cancel your booking with us.
  2. Vivacity reserves the right to cancel a booking or close or prohibit the use of the Centre at its discretion. All monies paid in respect of a booking cancelled by Vivacity will be refunded to you in full. Vivacity will not be liable for any other expenditure incurred or loss sustained by the Hirer from such cancellation.

2.4 Booking Times

  1. Where any areas in the Centre have to be specially prepared for your event, the setting up and breaking down of equipment must be carried out within the hired times and is the responsibility of the Hirer, unless otherwise confirmed by the Centre Manager.
  2. The period of hire as set out in the booking form should be followed as further charges will be made if your event over runs (see Charges/Payments).

3.0 Your safety is important to us

3.1 First Aid

The Centre will provide first aid.

3.2 Use of the Centre and Equipment

  1. The Centre may only be used for the purposes specified on the booking form and you will be responsible for the proper conduct of people at-tending your event. If the Centre is used for other purposes during the event, Vivacity may stop the event and close the Centre. In such circumstances, Vivacity will not be liable for any cost or damage which you incur due to such termination of the event.
  2. Smoking, naked flame nor the introduction of any form of firearms or weapons are not permitted in the Centre.

iii. Notices, decorations or signs should not be attached to any material or wall of the Centre with-out the Centre Manager giving prior consent.

  1. Gambling of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  2. You agree to take care of and not cause damage to the Centre, equipment in the Centre and any equipment supplied by Vivacity under the booking arrangement.
  3. You agree to ensure that any equipment supplied by Vivacity is used in a safe manner and is returned to Vivacity in sound working order. Any damage to the equipment supplied will result in you being charged a sum of money to cover the cost of repair or replacement as appropriate.

3.3 Indemnity

  1. The use of the Centre or any part of it or any equipment supplied by Vivacity is entirely at the risk of the Hirer and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Vivacity will not be liable for any claims, actions, demands, proceedings or costs which may be brought against Vivacity arising out of or incidental to the hire of the Centre, facilities and equipment by you.
  2. If the Hirer is an organisation, it will be required to have adequate public liability insurance cover to an agreed value with a company approved by Vivacity in place and to provide evidence of that cover to Vivacity upon request.

iii. You will indemnify Vivacity against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings relating to any default or injury caused by or to any person while in the Centre.

  1. You will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of any equipment, fixtures and fittings or any part of the Centre building which is caused during the event. The cost of any repair or replacement will be determined by Vivacity and Peterborough City Council whose decision will be final.

3.4 Control

The Hirer is responsible for:

  1. the administration, organisation, control and running of an event.
  2. No event may start until the hirer or a responsible person(s) within the organisation is in attendance;

iii. the Supervision and control of all visitors, spectators and officials at the event and especially children under 16 years of age;

  1. leaving the Centre, all premises, changing rooms, toilets, showers in a clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of the Centre Manager;
  2. keeping the Centre safe and ensuring decency is maintained;
  3. Any failure to comply with these requirements may result in the Centre Manager exercising discretion to terminate the event. In such circumstances, Vivacity will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to you by the termination of the event.

3.5 Access

  1. Officials duly authorised by Vivacity shall, at all times, have free access to all parts of the Centre.
  2. Access to all doors, fire doors and passages must not be obstructed.

iii. All vehicles must be parked in the Car Park. No vehicles shall park around the Centre, all-weather pitches or football pitches. All access to the Centre or surrounding areas shall not be obstructed by any vehicles. iv. The Centre Manager or other employee of the Centre may refuse a right of entry to the Centre at any time during the hire period.

3.6 Property belonging to the Hirer

Vivacity and its employees shall not be responsible to the fullest extent permitted by law for any damage to, or loss of, any property whether belonging to the Hirer or to any other person brought into or left in the Centre, or its grounds for any purpose, nor for any personal injury to the Hirer or any person permitted by him to enter the Centre.

3.7 Liquor and Refreshments

  1. No alcohol shall be brought into the Centre at any time.
  2. The consumption of food and soft drinks will only be allowed in designated areas of the Centre this should be agreed prior to the event with the Centre Manager.

3.8 Protected rights

No work, music or matter in which protected rights exists shall be performed or played in the Centre without the consent of the owner of the copyright or relevant protected rights society and the Hirer shall indemnify Vivacity against any claim against it by reason of any infringement of any protected rights found to have taken place in the Centre. 3.9 Photographs No photographic equipment may be brought into the Centre for commercial purpose. 3.10 Compliance with rules and regulations

3.9 Photographs

No photographic equipment may be brought into the Centre for commercial purpose.

3.10 Compliance with rules and regulations

  1. All persons, clubs and organisations hiring the facilities provided by Vivacity shall comply with:
  2. The Centre’s rules and regulations as displayed;

iii. The Centre’s fire procedures as displayed