Terms & conditions - Dog Swim Terms and Conditions

By booking the Dog Swim at Peterborough Lido you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (in addition to our Online Booking Policy)

All dogs swim at the supervising owner’s risk, we will not accept any responsibility for the actions of your own or anyone else’s dog. You the supervising owner are fully responsible and liable for your dog and must control them to a high standard.

Strictly one supervising owner per dog to enable you to safely supervise your dog at all times.

Dogs must only be supervised by an adult (18+).  For health and safety reasons under 18's are not allowed in the pool.

Please only allow your dog to swim if you are confident they will be safe in the water.  Lifeguards will not be expected to perform rescues for dogs.

Owners are permitted to swim with their dogs.  Please be aware that you are swimming at your own risk, there will be dogs in the pool with you and potential increased risk of injury.

If you, and/or your dog are weak or inexperienced swimmers restrict your use to the shallow area of the pools only, where you can safely touch the pool bottom with your feet.

Dog buoyancy aids are permitted in the pool.

No toys or balls will be permitted in the pool – this is to prevent dogs drinking and inhaling pool water. If you think your dog has inhaled pool water, please seek assistance from a vet.

For your safety our pool water is chlorinated – discourage your dogs from drinking this water as it can cause discomfort.

Dog leads are not allowed in the pool, this is because they may cause a hazard to other dogs and swimmers.

We will provide hoses and fresh drinking water for you to shower your dogs and keep them hydrated.

Please keep a close eye on your dogs and remain close to them.  Dogs remain the owners sole responsibility at all times.

Please clean up after your dogs.  Dog bins will be provided around the venue.