Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

The City Gallery hosts an exciting programme of changing temporary exhibitions from local to internationally renowned artists.  

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Fabric of Society

Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

Vivacity presents Fabric of Society, an ever changing exhibition uniting different cultures through the medium of textiles. A feast for all the senses, the multi sensory show indulges sight through pattern and colour originating from a variety of countries, touch through the textures of different materials, sound through audio clips, and finally smell and taste through cuisine from different cultures.

The exhibition exists as part of a larger project involving a group of around 20 women from different communities in Peterborough. For several weeks the group have been taking part in textiles sessions at Peterborough Museum, where they explore and exchange different practices, talk about cultural influences behind different fabrics and techniques, and also the similarities between them.

As the exhibition continues the display will build and change and the gallery will act as a work space. Members of the public will be invited to take part in sewing sessions with the group under the expert guidance of textiles and mixed media artist Anita Bruce, and visual artist, producer and educator Kinsi Abdulleh. Some of the works created during these sessions will be incorporated into the Fabric of Society exhibition while others can be taken home by participants