Friday 5 October 2018

Peterborough Cathedral Precincts                                                                    

Image: B Walsh, Courtesy of Leicester Council

Vivacity presents Sufi:Zen by Akademi, an dramatic evening performance combining dance and theatre set in the precincts of Peterborough Cathedral.

Sufi:Zen is a journey to the divine, inspired by the 13th century poet Rumi. Executed through a fusion of kathak and contemporary dance, the work explores the stillness of Zen monks and the passion of Sufi mystics, highlighting the contrasts between concentrated stillness and all encompassing motion.

Sufi:Zen unites the stillness of Zen meditation with the rapturous motion of Sufi Dervishes. Evoking a cultural landscape that extends from Persia to Japan, Sufi:Zen exists in a world of contrasts – of ice and fire, entropy and energy, introspection and divine omniscience.

Directed and choreographed by Gauri Tripathi the group, including six dancers, draws upon multiple dance disciplines including kathak, bharata natyam, ballet, contemporary and butoh. The work features a newly-commissioned music from Shrikanth Sriram.

Akademi champions and encourages excellence in the practice of South Asian dance in the UK. Through the production of innovative South Asian dance events in unusual places they create work for artists and engage the widest possible public with an art form that, while rooted in classical tradition, is at the cutting edge of contemporary culture and a particularly British creative force.

Sufi:Zen has been commissioned by Without Walls. Vivacity Arts is a member of the Without Walls ATN, a group of festivals working together to extend the reach and benefits of the existing Without Walls programme in areas where there is low engagement with the arts, bringing high-quality outdoor work to diverse audiences across England. For more information on the work of the Without Walls ATN, please visit:”


Top image credit: Pete Schiazza