The Rev Charles Taylor

The Rev Charles Taylor has been the Dean of Peterborough since March 2007. He is president of the Peterborough Choral Society and has a strong interest in heritage issues. As an eight year-old he became a chorister at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and was later a Choral Scholar in Cambridge.

Throughout his 33 years as a clergyman he has been closely associated with the musical life of the Church. For more than 12 years was Canon Precentor at Lichfield Cathedral, responsible for overseeing a music foundation as well as being a member of the board of directors of the renowned Lichfield International Arts Festival.

Through his work and connections with musical associations, he brings a range of special skills to the Trust, particularly those of governance, heritage and conservation.

“As Dean of Peterborough Cathedral, I’m responsible for running a building which stands as an icon of the city, its heritage and culture. As leader of the Cathedral team, I strive with my colleagues to find ways for Peterborough Cathedral to engage with the cultural life of the city, through both its artistic and architectural heritage, and especially through its music. In particular, we seek to raise the standards and aspirations for choral and other classical music in Peterborough, and are currently planning a new Cathedral and Community Music Centre that will offer new facilities to the city and the community.”