Christine's volunteering experience 

About 5 years ago I attended a Family History Course at Central Library. It rekindled my love of history. I then attended a few of the History talks which were presented by Stephen Perry. At one of these talks a new intern at the archives had been assigned a project and was asking for volunteers to help. I didn't respond straight away as I had been looking at other volunteering options, then decided this was something that I could really enjoy and a few weeks later I emailed and was accepted to join.

This was for the Soke of Peterborough project which consisted of dealing with documents that had been returned from Northamptonshire, when Peterborough's administrative affairs came under that county. We are still working on the project today and I have learned so much about Peterborough's history as I am not a local girl. My fellow volunteers have been a great help explaining where various places would have been and what Peterborough was like when they were growing up.

It was around the same time that my partner and I visited the Heritage Festival and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We decided then about volunteering for the following year. We are looking forward to our 4th Heritage Festival this year. The volunteer managers and the rest of the team have made us feel very welcome. It’s a very satisfying experience as we're all there to make sure that the public have a fantastic time.

My experience with Vivacity has taught me that Vivacity truly values its volunteers - we have regular communications with what is happening within Vivacity, support with training opportunities and invites to social events such as our ‘Volunteers thank you buffet’ at Christmas, which gives us the chance to socialise with other volunteers and learn about what they do.

I will be sad when my project finishes but I'm sure that Vivacity will have something else I can get involved in!