Frequently asked questions


  • Why volunteer for Vivacity?
    • Volunteering with Vivacity is dynamic. You can get involved in all sorts of things, from family activity days to heritage events, supporting our libraries to getting active at our sports sites -  there's something for everyone.
    • Volunteering is a great way to socialise and meet new people.
    • Be part of a community as you promote the vibrant culture of Peterborough.
    • Gain a wide range of skills including;
      • Enhancing your CV
      • Experience in a range of sectors
      • Boost confidence and people skills
    • And simply ‘feel good’ by giving something back to your community.
  • Who can volunteer?
    • Almost anyone can volunteer, provided that your application is successful and you do not have any unspent convictions, and where necessary a DBS check is completed. We provide equal opportunities for everyone who volunteers with us.


  • How do I become a volunteer?
    • To start your volunteering journey - simply visit, fill out our form, and a member of the team will contact you to arrange an informal interview. In this interview you will discuss your reasons for volunteering and the team will help you to find the best place in Vivacity for you. Depending on the role, we may also need you to complete a DBS check.


  • How much time do I need to give?
    • We have a range of roles, some requiring 1 hour a week, others needing more time or a longer term commitment, one-off events or school holiday activities. In your informal interview with Vivacity, the team will help to place you into a role taking into consideration your time commitments. You can give as little or as much time as you’d like!


  • Do I need any skills?
    • Enthusiasm, motivation and a smile are the best start! With the range of volunteering roles that Vivacity offers, we have something for everyone - whether you have skills or not. Some of our roles require specific skills and others are more flexible.


  • What will happen on my first day as a volunteer?
    • After your informal interview with our volunteering team, a mutually convenient induction will be arranged and you will receive a welcome pack with everything you will need to start with Vivacity! You will have a volunteer contact/manager whom you will have an induction with before starting your role.


  • If I start in a role and don't like it, can I change roles?
    • Of course, if you want to try something different then let the volunteer team know and we can discuss other suitable roles that may be available within Vivacity.


  • Can I volunteer with a friend?
    Yes, provided that there is a suitable role available for you both, at the times you would like to volunteer.


  • Can I choose my role?
    We have a wide range of roles at Vivacity and if you have a specific area or role that you are interested in, our volunteering team will do their best to place you in your desired role.